Machine Learning – Optimize your performance

Artificial Intellligens - The computer helps find the best solution.
AI – Artificial Intelligence.

Let the computer find the best solution to your problem!

Machine learning gives the computer the ability to learn without being programmed in every detail.

In Supervised learning, the machine learns to mimic the behavior of training examples where the solutions are given. The supervised learning algorithm analyzes the training data and is afterward able to determine further examples automatically. The resulting algorithm will often be so good that it can even determine hitherto unseen situations with a reasonable result.

There are two main categories of Supervised learning: Categorization and Regression.

In categorization, the machine learns to determine which of category a set of data belong to. With the machine power of today, algorithms can successfully categorize even extremely complicated examples with thousands of input parameters.

In Regression analysis, the computer uses a series of functions to estimate an outcome from a given set of input parameters. The functions are adjusted using training examples with known outcomes.

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